SCGSAH ranks 3rd in state for SAT & ACT scores

The South Carolina Governorís School for the Arts and Humanities (SCGSAH) again ranks 3rd in the state for 2015 SAT scores, holding steady with average scores from last year.

ďThese scores represent strong examples of how high achievement in the arts correlates with academic success, as has been shown in studies nationwide,Ē says Dr. Cedric Adderley, President of SCGSAH. ďThrough the efforts of our faculty and students, weíve established a consistent record of excellence in the arts as well as in traditional academic classes and the success of our students beyond the walls of the Governorís School is outstanding.Ē

SCGSAHís composite score was 1701, above the South Carolina average of 1428 for public schools and more than 200 points above national averages. Although artistic potential Ė not high grades or test scores Ė are required for admission to SCGSAH, the school consistently ranks in SCís top three public high schools for SAT scores.

The Governorís School also ranks 3rd in the state for 2015 ACT scores, with mean scores more than 20 percent higher than state and national averages.