Creative Writing

Maybe you read. A lot. Maybe those sounds you hear in your head aren't voices, but stories trying to get out. Maybe you look at the world differently, see things other people miss. Maybe you have this strange love of words. Maybe you like to scribble in that journal of yours, making notes that only you understand.

Don't fret. You aren't ill. It sounds like you're a writer. The good news?
There's a place for you.

Developed by professional writers, the Creative Writing program is intensive and highly challenging to ensure talent development and productivity. Students concentrate on sound writing techniques in fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction and screenwriting. The program recruits the finest young writers in South Carolina by offering a creative, supportive atmosphere and a course of study supervised by practicing, published writers. See a handout about our creative writing programs here

SCGSAH Creative Writing Department offers the following programs:

Program Admissions

Students who are interested in the Governor's School's Creative Writing programs will complete the online admissions application, submit a portfolio, write an essay (for high school program only) and attend an audition. For specific details please view the Creative Writing Admissions Requirements.