Drama alumnae joins Emmy Award winner for new production

February 25, 2013
Drama Alumnae Wrenn Schmidt announced as part of Master Builder cast:

Complete Cast Announced for Master Builder With John Turturro at BAM

By Adam Hetrick

Katherine Borowitz and Ken Cheeseman will join Emmy Award winner John Turturro in a new production of Henrik Ibsen's The Master Builder, which will begin performances May 12 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Andrei Belgrader, who also directed Turturro in the acclaimed BAMproduction of Endgame in 2008, returns to stage the new production that features Turturro in the central role of Halvard Solness. It officially opens May 19 for a run through June 9.

Turturro ("Monday Night Mayhem," The Cherry Orchard, Relatively Speaking) is joined by Borowitz (Relatively Speaking,"A Serious Man") as Aline Solness, Cheeseman (The Cherry Orchard, "Mystic River") as Dr. Herdal, Julian Gamble (Democracy, The Seagull) as Knut Brovik, Kelly Hutchinson (Emma, "Catch Me If You Can") as Kaja Fosli, Max Gordon Moore (Relatively Speaking) as Ragnar Brovik and Wrenn Schmidt ("Boardwalk Empire," Katie Roche) as Hilde Wangel.

The creative team includes set designer Santo Loquasto, costume designer Marco Piemontese, sound designer/composer Ryan Rumery and lighting designer James F. Ingalls.

According to BAM, "The Master Builder is the story of Halvard Solness, a middle-aged architect who comes to believe he has willed his professional accomplishments into reality, as though imbued with a God-given power. This psychologically complex character is plagued by ambition, doubt, and guilt; his own marriage is frozen in the sorrow of his children's deaths that resulted from a fire that ultimately led him to profit. Solness succumbs to the adoration of a young woman named Hilde who visits him years after he constructed her town's church. Seeing Solness as a heroic figure from her childhood, Hilde maintains an obsession that plays into the architect's desire and egoismóultimately leading to the unexpected ending. The play explores, among other themes, the complex forces animating and inspiring an artist as he reconciles the callings of life and creativity."