The English Department at the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities provides students with a range of reading and writing skills and experiences that foster critical thinking and creative expression. Courses in the English Department are designed on the model of the university seminar, in which each participant is responsible for contributing actively to each class session. A focus on thematic, historical, and formal analysis of literary texts combines with regular writing practice ranging from free response, to passage analysis, to formal essays. Breadth of coverage of a particular chronology or era of literary history is less important here than is the degree of engagement with selected literary works. The study of English at the Governor’s School also emphasizes interdisciplinary connections between and among literature, history, philosophy, the natural and social sciences. Most important is the study of literature in the context of the arts, and students "read" a range of artists and their creative work. Given the fundamental role of literature in the study of the Humanities, the English curriculum offers students many opportunities to extend and enrich their work in this dimension of the school's curriculum.