There Will Be Visitors from Afar

We like to bring in guest writers, folks who know what it means to work as a writer in the real world. Sometimes they are Oscar-winning screenwriters. Sometimes Pulitzer Prize winners. Occasionally a National Book Award winner. Always, they are professional writers who are willing to sit down with you and answer your questions.

Creative Writing Guest Artists

Wilton Barnhardt, Novelist
Charles Baxter, Novelist, Short Fiction Writer, Essayist
Kwame Dawes, Poet
Jorie Graham, Poet
Brenda Hillman, Poet
A. Van Jordan, Poet
David Dodd Lee, Poet
Alan Lightman, Novelist, Esssayist
Tom Lux, Poet
Jynne Martin, Poet
Sharon Olds, Poet
Sonja Livingston, Memoirist, Essayist
Susan Orlean, Essayist, Nonfiction Writer
John Patrick Shanley, Playwright, Screenwriter
Ron Rash, Novelist, Poet
David Shields, Fiction Writer, Essayist
Curtis Sittenfeld, Novelist, Short Story Writer
Pete Turchi, Essayist,Short Fiction Writer
Daniel Wallace, Novelist
Ashley Warlick, Novelist
Karen Young, Screenwriter, Acrtress
Lauren Groff, Novelist
Jon Ronson, Nonfiction Writer, Journalist
Peter Carlin, Biographer, Journalist