There Will Be Visitors from Afar

We like to bring in guest writers, folks who know what it means to work as a writer in the real world. Sometimes they are Oscar-winning screenwriters. Sometimes Pulitzer Prize winners. Occasionally a National Book Award winner. Always, they are professional writers who are willing to sit down with you and answer your questions.

Creative Writing Guest Artists

• Wilton Barnhardt, Novelist
• Charles Baxter, Novelist, Short Fiction Writer, Essayist
• Kwame Dawes, Poet
• Jorie Graham, Poet
• Brenda Hillman, Poet
• A. Van Jordan, Poet
• David Dodd Lee, Poet
• Alan Lightman, Novelist, Esssayist
• Tom Lux, Poet
• Jynne Martin, Poet
• Sharon Olds, Poet
• Sonja Livingston, Memoirist, Essayist
• Susan Orlean, Essayist, Nonfiction Writer
• John Patrick Shanley, Playwright, Screenwriter
• Ron Rash, Novelist, Poet
• David Shields, Fiction Writer, Essayist
• Curtis Sittenfeld, Novelist, Short Story Writer
• Pete Turchi, Essayist,Short Fiction Writer
• Daniel Wallace, Novelist
• Ashley Warlick, Novelist
• Karen Young, Screenwriter, Acrtress
• Lauren Groff, Novelist
• Jon Ronson, Nonfiction Writer, Journalist
• Peter Carlin, Biographer, Journalist