Former SCGSAH President bestowed highest civilian honor by Governor Haley

Former South Carolina Governorís School for the Arts and Humanities (SCGSAH) president Dr. Bruce Halverson was bestowed the Order of the Palmetto by Governor Nikki R. Haley on November 23, 2015. The highest civilian honor awarded to citizens of South Carolina, the award recognized Dr. Halversonís eight years ďas a staunch advocate for arts education at the state and national level,Ē according to the letter from the Governor read by Senator Ross Turner at the event.

Following an introduction by Robert ďBobĒ Hughes, former chair and current member of the SCGSAH Board of Directors, Senator Ross Turner presented the award during a String Chamber Music Concert at the school.

ďThrough your outstanding leadership as President of the SC Governorís School for the Arts and Humanities, you have demonstrated a remarkable commitment to excellence,Ē read Senator Turner. ďYour contributions will have a lasting impact for years to come.Ē

ďItís really quite easy to contribute significantly to our state and be devoted to the state of South Carolina when you have terrific students each and every yearóstudents who come and demonstrate the tremendous talent that they will share with the world when they go on from here,Ē said Dr. Halverson about his time as SCGSAH President.

Dr. Halverson received his Bachelor's Degree in Speech & Drama with Honors from Augustana College, and his Doctorate in Theatre History from the University of Washington. Before his term as President of SCGSAH, he was the President Emeritus of Augustana College in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Prior to that, Dr. Halverson was Dean of the School of Theatre at Florida State University, exemplifying his lifelong dedication to the arts. He was named President Emeritus of SCGSAH in July of this year and current serves as the Director of the Arts at Christ Church Episcopal School in Greenville, SC

ďMost of all Iím grateful for the years of dedication that the students, the alumni, our board, certainly the legislature as well, and our faculty and staff have contributed,Ē said Dr. Halverson. ďThey make someone look good.Ē

The Order of the Palmetto is a once in a lifetime achievement. Governor John C. West presented the first Order of the Palmetto in the summer of 1971.