Residential High School - Creative Writing Program

The Creative Writing Department is the one place in the state—the one place in the country—where young, talented writers can receive the attention and guidance they need and deserve. Developed by professional writers, the program offers courses of study in fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction and screenwriting, all in a creative, supportive atmosphere.

And here’s even more good news. As a writer at the Governor’s School, you will no longer be on that creative island. You’ll be in a class full of people who love the same things you do, who want the same things you want. You won’t be alone.

You apply in the 10th grade. You come here for your final two years of high school. You meet every day for three hours (yes, you get to write every single day) in classes that are small and intense. You'll learn how to write short stories, poems, personal essays and movie scripts. You will attend readings by famous writers. You will read from your work twice a year to a packed house of your friends and relatives. And ultimately, you will create work that surprises you, surprises you so much that it's scary.