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School Leadership

The South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities is governed by a Board of Directors that is appointed by the Governor. They meet four times annually, along with the school's Board of Advisors for Leadership, Finance & Education and serve as the policy-making entity for the school. The school's Administrative Team works with the board to enact policy and run the day-to-day operations.

Board of Directors

Richard "Dick" Elliott, Chairman
1st Congressional District
Peter Parrott, Vice Chairman
Member at Large
Sherri C. Burris
Member at Large
Maria Fabrizio
Member at Large
William H. Floyd, III
2nd Congressional District
LeShown Goodwin
Member at Large
Robert R. Horger
6th Congressional District
Robert E. Hughes, Jr.
Member at Large
Dr. Harriet L. Jaworowski
5th Congressional District

Dr. John Lane

Ex Officio, Commission on Higher Education

Dr. Danial Merck

Ex Officio, Education Oversite Committee

Dr. Harris Pastides

Member at Large
Chad Prosser
7th Congressional District
Carrie Ann Power
Designee for SC Superintendent of Education
Alfred Robinson
3rd Congressional District
Kurt Schumacher
Ex Officio, GSA Foundation Chairman
Dr. Molly Spearman
Ex Officio, Superintendent of Education
Irvine T. Welling, III
4th Congressional District

Board of Advisors for Leadership, Finance & Education

Minor Mickel Shaw
Dr. Virginia Uldrick

School Organizational Chart

School Reports

Click below to view the school's most recent report card:

2015-2016 School Report Card

Click below to view the school's most recent Accountability Report:

2015-2016 Accountability Report