John I. Smith Charities Library

The John I. Smith Charities Library is the central hub of campus. The Library provides resources to support the arts and academic curricula of the school as well as leisure reading, listening and viewing to enrich residential life for artistically gifted high school students and the school's overall community.

Named for a charitable trust noted for giving to education, the arts and libraries, as well as human services agencies through many years, the Library boasts a collection of over 20,000 items including books, compact discs, VHS and DVD videos, musical scores and an ever-growing core collection of curriculum-based electronic services.

Electronic services include those provided by the state to all schools, plus additional history archives, art collections of private, museum, and university holdings from around the world, audio-streaming of classical and jazz recordings, sheet music and musical score downloads, and other listening collections (such as folk music, ethnic music, and modern derivations from the popular and classical canon). The music collections are part of major repositories such as the Smithsonian Institution and the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. In addition, the library has a 19-station computer lab, photocopy and printing services, a production center for student projects, and staff of outstanding librarians.

Electronic materials are available throughout the campus 24/7. The Library, in partnership with the entire school, makes available wireless access in the Library and in other hot spots on campus. The Library provides an open atmosphere for exchange of ideas and the development of individual responsibility.

The John I. Smith Charities Library encourages use of all Library services in South Carolina. Annually, staff members at our Library provide assistance to students getting library cards at the Greenville County Library System, a major resource with a knowledgeable and helpful staff. Our librarians also teach students how to explore and examine the holdings and cooperative services of the university and college libraries in our state and nation.