Social Studies and History

Social studies is the integrated study of human experience for the purpose of promoting active participation in a diverse, interconnected world. The goal of the social studies program at the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities is to meet the needs of a diverse student population in the context of educating students to be effective citizens.

Course offerings are designed to allow students to meet the requirements for a South Carolina high school diploma, while elective courses have been created to offer students the opportunity to explore more specialized interests. The Social Studies Department embraces the goals of the South Carolina Social Studies Frameworks, which emphasize that social studies is vital to helping students to:

  • Understand who they are and how they relate to their communities, the nation, and the global society;
  • Understand why they participate as citizens, both individually and as groups;
  • Understand how the past, present and future are interconnected;
  • Respect cultural diversity; and
  • Meet the challenges of the world of work.

The Social Studies Department emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach between and among the social studies disciplines, literature, philosophy, science, and the arts. Students are encouraged to take an active role in their learning by participating in class discussion and group activities to develop the thinking skills essential for success in today's increasingly complex world.