S.C. Governorís School among top 100 schools in the nation

Along with an exceptional commitment to the arts, students at the South Carolina Governorís School for the Arts and Humanities (SCGSAH) are also outstanding in the classroom. U.S. News and World Report ranks SCGSAH in the top 100 Best High Schools in the nation. The school for South Carolinaís emerging artists is ranked 87 in the nation and second in the state.

U.S. News and World Report reviewed data on more than 21,000 public high schools in all fifty states and the District of Columbia. SCGSAH students outperformed their peers across the state in each category measured, including proficiency in math and English, and success on Advanced Placement exams. SCGSAH was also awarded a gold medal based on student performance on state assessments and how well the school prepares students for college.

ďOur excellent ranking is a great honor for our state. We are grateful to South Carolinaís legislators for their consistent support of our school, and this recognition, once again, provides evidence that their faith has been justified,Ē SCGSAH President Dr. Bruce Halverson said of the honor. ďWe are unique in the nation for our exceptional accomplishments in both the arts and traditional academics.Ē

Other leading news organizations have included SCGSAH in recent national rankings. Online news agency The Daily Beast ranks The South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts & Humanities 23rd on its list of 2014 Americaís Top High Schools, the only arts-centered public high school of its kind in the top 25 rankings. Also in 2014, Newsweek ranked SCGSAH in the top 1% of Americaís Top High Schools.

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