Residential High School - Visual Arts Program

Emerging visual artists attend this intensive two-year program to build on and develop artistic, conceptual and creative skills, as well as attain the discipline and confidence necessary to investigate their own imagery and self-expression. Students learn to relate and recognize art from diverse cultures and periods, and have exposure to studio practices in animation and motion design, architecture, ceramics, drawing, graphic design, metals, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture. Critical thinking and aesthetic valuing are strengthened with group and individual critiques, problem solving assignments and jury reviews at the end of each semester.

Students work side-by-side with established artists and academics on Advanced Placement portfolios, AP Art History and intensive studio classes in preparation for higher education and ultimately careers in the arts. Additional guided courses in career research and portfolio development along with exhibition opportunities in the school's Lipscomb Gallery further augment the student experience and provide valuable skills for future practice. Students from this program are heavily recruited by top art schools from throughout the country as well as excellent college programs within the state.