Why Days

On designated Fridays throughout the year, the morning’s academic instruction is dedicated to school-wide work in the Humanities. These Why-Days run from 8:30-11:30am, sometimes in large gatherings and often in small groups. They feature our own faculty collaborating across disciplinary lines and alongside guest artists and scholars whenever possible. Intro to Humanities students (sophomores) spend some of their Why-Days with Ms. Dey (Music). In the fall, juniors and seniors are combined for Why-Days on the course’s guiding questions. Starting in January, juniors focus on interactive classes with arts faculty throughout the school and seniors work in small groups on PechaKucha talks and final readings in the course.

Why-Day Schedule

Aug. 19:        Who are we as artists? Summer reading discussions

Sept. 23:        Why do we do what we do?

Nov. 11:         Why do the arts have value for society?

Jan. 13:          Juniors: Drama  //  Seniors: Intro to PechaKucha

Mar. 3:        Jrs:  Music & Dance  //  Srs: PechaKucha presentations

Apr. 28:        Jrs: Creative Writing and Visual Art //  Srs: Exit readings