Plug-In With Media Arts!


Led by Eric Jao from Mix Major, Kayla Rutherford from Clemson University, and SCGSAH Faculty Member David Gerhard, this series of workshops will immerse teachers in the areas of music production, graphic design, and video production, using FREE tools that integrate well into any classroom.

Teachers will leave this retreat with lesson ideas and basic knowledge of media arts that they can use right away with their students!

**This event will follow state and local health recommendations for the mitigation of COVID-19.

Workshops Overview

Part 1: Video Production with Kayla Rutherford

This workshop will begin with an overview of visual storytelling and a breakdown of free software available for video production, including iMovie and DaVinci Resolve. Touching on every aspect of production from pre-production planning through editing and post-production, teachers will leave with an understanding of not only how to create videos in various formats, but also with ideas of how to implement visual storytelling in their classrooms.

Throughout the sessions, teachers will have access to 4k footage, music, and editing software to gain hands-on experience in creating both a short social media-style edit and a longer format, interview-based piece. 

Part 2: Graphic Design with David Gerhard

This workshop will introduce teachers to free tools and methods for implementing graphic design into classroom projects and activities. Participants will complete a poster design project focusing on basic graphic design principles and a plan of visual hierarchy.

Part 3: Music Production with Eric Jao  

Participants will learn the basics of music production hand-on, as well as pedagogies for integration into their classrooms.  Participants learn through project-based activities on their devices. This workshop will cover:

  • How to use free digital audio workstation software to create music
  • How to make beats
  • How to compose and program melodies
  • How to use integrated loop libraries for instant creativity
  • Ideas for integrating electronic music production into your virtual or in-person classroom


  • ​Invigorate your remote learning and in-person students with new creative skills.
  • Learn a new set of skills that you can apply to all of your classes.
  • Connect with students using music that the kids already know and love.
  • Help students create their own music regardless of their ability to play an instrument, sing, or perform in front of an audience.
  • Bring music education to all of the students that don't participate in band, choir, orchestra or any other performance-based programs.


Part 4: Media Arts Integration - Tying It All Together

After spending time learning and working in each of the media arts areas, participants will learn strategies to connect these new skills to their respective areas of instruction. With a focus on Project Based Learning, participants will apply the media arts to the SC College and Career Ready Standards, leaving the Teacher Retreat with several instructional ideas ready to take back to their classrooms! 


This retreat is FREE to South Carolina teachers. While the focus of the workshop is media arts, the intention is that these art forms can be easily integrated into ANY classroom. Teachers from all subject areas are encouraged to register! All workshop materials, meals, and hotel accommodations are included with registration. Professional development credit certificates are also provided.


June 14-16, 2022

Tentative Schedule


-Hotel Accommodations at Springhill Suites - Greenville Downtown
-Workshops will take place on the Governor's School campus.

Thank you for your interest in this retreat. Registration is now closed.

**$50 deposit is required to secure reservation and refunded upon successful program completion. Please contact with any questions about deposits.

About Eric Jao

DJ, producer and musician, Eric Jao (also known as DJ Enferno), has been a music professional since 1991 and has performed for over 3 million people in 36 countries including touring with Madonna in the 2008-2009 Sticky & Sweet World Tour.

Eric has produced concert music for Madonna, Shakira, and the Michael Jackson Cirque Du Soleil shows. He's made remixes for Interscope, Warner Bros Music, and Universal.

With his unique Music Interactive show, Eric energizes, educates, and entertains corporate audiences by creating and performing music (literally) on-the-spot. 

Beyond the stage and studio, Eric is an evangelist for music technology education. At his brick-and-mortar music technology school, Mix Major (in Herndon, VA), Eric teaches kids and teenagers (Grades 3-12) as well as adults how to compose, produce, and record their own music. Mix Major empowers these students with 21st-century creative technology skills.

In addition, Eric inspires children through Interactive Music Technology Assemblies for 400+ kids at a time in elementary and middle schools.

Notably, Eric was the keynote presenter at Berklee College of Music. In the 3-day Electronic Music Production and Sound Design weekend event, Eric presented on Electronic Music Production, Electronic Music Performance, and Career Paths in Music for 100 high school students from all over the world.

As well, Eric creates and publishes​ free educational video content​​ for traditional music educators with his ​Teacher TV Youtube videos​. Music teachers from London, to New Zealand, to Zambia, and the USA have used Eric's tutorials to craft music technology curriculum for their schools. Learn more.

About David Gerhard

David Gerhard is a maker, artist, designer, and educator. 

He earned his MFA in Visual Art (printmaking emphasis) from Clemson University and his BAs (with Distinction) in Studio Art and Communications Studies from Sonoma State University. Gerhard has taught in the Art Departments at Clemson University, Furman University, Anderson University, and the Greenville County Museum of Art. 

Gerhard is passionate about contemporary printmaking, new media art, graphic and web design, art theory and global art history.  Gerhard has made public artwork in Greenville. Providing creative work for diverse clients, Gerhard's work has been exhibited, collected, and contracted for clients regionally, nationally, and internationally. See his work.

About Kayla Rutherford

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Kayla Rutherford moved to South Carolina to pursue a degree in audio engineering at Clemson University. An internship with Clemson Broadcast Productions introduced her to the world of video and she was hooked.  This internship fostered a passion for cinematic production and an understanding of the importance of intentionality, teamwork, and a firm understanding of technology in creating a commanding piece. A strong background in theater and audio allows Kayla to think of video production from all angles, including pre-production, staging, acting,  sound designing, timing, and editing.

In 2017, Kayla returned to Clemson University to work full-time as a videographer for the College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences. She was accepted to the Digital Production Arts program in 2018 to pursue her M.F.A. part-time and anticipates graduating in May 2023. She currently works as a Public Information Coordinator, planning and creating content for the social media channels of Clemson University’s College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities. 

About the Governor's School's Outreach Programs

As a part of the Governor’s School’s mission to serve as a resource to teachers across the state, the Office of Outreach provides professional learning opportunities to enrich arts education in South Carolina. Learn more.

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This event is made possible by the generous support of the First Citizens Foundation.