Uchechi Kalu

Uchechi Kalu


Uchechi Kalu is a multi-disciplinary artist with deep interests and experience in education, business, and foreign languages. She was first introduced to the Governor's School in 8th Grade when she attended the Discovery Program for Voice. Uchechi returned to the Voice Program the following summer, and then attended the residential high school in Creative Writing. Uchechi then graduated from Princeton University, majoring in Near Eastern Studies and Arabic. Her studies carried her all over the Middle East, most notably, Palestine, Jordan, and Israel. At Princeton, Uchechi performed with the Princeton Jazz Ensemble and with modern and Shakespearean theater groups. 


After university, Uchechi moved to Beijing, China (and briefly to London), where she lived for 4 years and worked in education, PR, and Marketing for various Chinese- and American-owned companies. She was active in Beijing's literary and music scenes as a writer and performer. Uchechi also co-founded an arts collective that facilitated cross-cultural arts exchange among Chinese nationals and Beijing expats. 


Upon returning to the U.S., Uchechi started Outlier Admissions, a small business that helps applicants apply to their top colleges and graduate schools. In 2019, she was named a "South Carolina Woman in Business".


Uchechi feels so honored and grateful to join the Governor's School faculty and work at an institution that made her believe the world was hers for the taking. She hopes to share this confidence with her students, and help them see the vast and colorful experience ahead of them.