All SCGSAH High School and Honors Program Alumni are invited to participate in the 20th Anniversary Alumni Video Project!

We're celebrating the 20th anniversary of our residential high school program, and you are a big part of this milestone!  We are asking for your help in creating a video of Govie alums from around the world by sharing some favorite Governor's School memories. Once compiled and edited, this video will be shown at the SCGSAH Foundation Fundraising Showcase in April 2020.  “Teasers” of this project will also be shown on the school’s social media outlets leading up to the event.  Below are tips, talking points, and guidelines about how to create your video.

Getting Started/What we want to know

Start by telling us a story, or two, or five….

1.  A-ha Moment:  When did it click?  When did you know you were in the right place at SCGSAH?  This might be moment in a studio, or classroom, or rehearsal or even just hanging out with friends. 

2.  Influence:  How did/does your time at SCGSAH influence your life and work now?  In other words, what difference does it make?

3.  Describe the Governor’s School community in 6 words.

4.  If you could speak to your past self, before you attended SCGSAH, what would you tell your past self about The Governor’s School?

5.  What’s next:  What do you see/hope/imagine for the Governor’s School next 20 years?

Submission Tips
  • Start your video by clearly stating your name, class, and art area. (Feel free to add to this if you feel we need more info up front).
  • Film yourself horizontally, not vertically. In other words, turn your phone to the side instead of upright. 
  • Submissions should be in a quicktime compatible format (mov, mp4, m4a) format. H264 is okay but uncompressed video is fine as well.
  • Film yourself with plenty of light falling directly on you. For instance, if filming yourself in front of a window you'd face the window and point the camera towards yourself.
  • Limit sources of noise while you're recording. We need to hear your stories as clearly as possible! If you're near a noisy fridge or there's a barking dog near by, consider moving to another space.
  • Feel free to record in a park, a place of work, or some other public space-- if it's appropriate! Just keep in mind the above suggestions. We'll still need you in a quiet space with plenty of light.
  • Keep it steady!  The use of a tripod is not necessary; however, we will be unable to use “wobbly” submissions.
  • It's perfectly okay to include your children and other members of your family in the videos, pets included.
  • You can record more than just your talking head! Feel free to send us separate shots of other things happening in your life. Closeups of new work you're making, long shots of your house, yard, family. Details of anything that's important to you and your life are always welcome. Sending these as separate video files from your story is preferred.

After clicking 'Submit Form' the email address you provided will be sent a link to a separate Google Drive folder. Please upload your video to this provided folder in a compatible *.mov, *.mp4, or *.m4a format using H.264 for encoding/compression.

If you have any questions or encounter any difficulty, please email

Do not include the following in your submission
  • Commentary on subjects that are not related to SCGSAH.
  • Opinions about SCGSAH actions or policies.
  • Opinions about politics and/or religion or endorsements. Advertisements, product or service endorsements, or sales solicitations.
  • Descriptions of products, services, and companies should include only facts and not promotional descriptions.
  • Fundraising solicitations or announcements of charity events for entities that are not affiliated with SCGSAH, its Foundation, or SCGSAH alumni.
Submission Deadline

February 29, 2020
**Submissions received after this deadline will be considered for use at other SCGSAH events and in other promotional materials.** 

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