Free Arts Activities

Arts teachers from across South Carolina can participate in standards-based virtual backpack activities designed to easily fold into any type of arts education setting, whether virtual, hybrid or in-person. Activities support foundation level students and range in style to meet various arts classroom needs. Pre-recorded artist talks, student journals, teacher guides, and fully packaged art kits are some of the many ways we look to engage with our arts education community. 

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Represent! Expression Through Collage

In this lesson, designed in collaboration with Joshua Powell, Visual & Performing Arts Coordinator at Southwood Academy of the Arts, students will explore these principles through the work of famous artists. Then, they will follow a step by step process to create a collage that represents something they have learned or read in school. Learn more here.

5 Tips for Region Orchestra Success

Auditioning for Region Orchestra, especially when doing so for the first time, can seem scary -- and that's okay! To help you prepare for a successful audition, some of our Governor's School students and faculty share their top five tips. Learn more here.

Fun With Patterns! Music and Visual Arts

In this complete lesson kit, students will identify how patterns are found in everyday life, in visual art, and in music. They will then learn how to develop a notation key using shapes and body percussion, and use it to perform and notate musical examples. After practicing as a class, they will work in small groups to compose their own musical patterns. Learn more.

Creating Community Postcards

For some people, there is an exciting aspect to receiving a message in the mail versus receiving something in our email. This is especially true for members isolated in assisted living, hospital, or nursing homes. In this activity designed by Teaching Artist Daphne Cuadrado Andino, students will reach out to a community member by creating a postcard that uses shapes and colors to create a unique pattern. Learn more.

Say What? Improvising in Character

Join Anne Tromsness, SCGSAH Drama Faculty, as she guides students on the importance of MIND, VOICE, and IMAGINATION in acting out that character. After reading a book as a class, students will use movement and voice to express a character in verbal and non-verbal improvisations and a character interview. Learn more.

Exploring Endangered Species

In this activity, led by Visual Arts Teaching Artist Daphne Cuadrado Andino, students will practice soft research skills to learn about an endangered species in South Carolina and then learn how to sculpt it from clay! Learn more.

We've Got the Beats!

Introduce your students to music production and arranging with this virtual activity designed by Music Teaching Artist Jeff Robinson. No prior musical knowledge is required to walk your students through this easy process of beat-making using pre-recorded loops! Learn more.

Arts Advocacy for Educators

February 13-17 is Arts Advocacy week! We're celebrating by providing a digital resource full of advocacy essentials for educators, curriculum connections, and ready-made advocacy activities for your classroom. Learn more.

NEW! - John Philip Sousa: The March King

Introduce your students to the life, legacy, and music of John Philip Sousa with this interactive digital activity. They will also get a sneak peek into the life of military musician through an interview with Govie alum, SSG Kyle Peck. Learn more.

We are proud to partner with the SC Department of Education and the ABC Institute to make Virtual Backpack content from prior years  available on the Instruction Hub.

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