• Jennifer Thomas

    Jennifer Thomas

    Academics Academic and Humanities Chair

    After receiving her B.A. in English at Furman University, Jennifer Thomas earned the Ph.D. in English and Women's Studies at Emory University. As a postdoctoral Lilly Fellow in the Arts and Humanities (Valparaiso University) and at Newberry College here in South Carolina, Jennifer's teaching and scholarship focused on American Literature and Southern Studies. She joined the Governor's School faculty when the residential high school opened in 1999. In 2003, she was selected to participate in a National Endowment for the Humanities seminar on Mozart's German operas, held in Vienna, Austria. She was awarded National Board Certification in Language Arts for Adolescents/Young Adults in November 2004. She co-sponsors the Reel Alternatives film series, and she is the sponsor of the Honor Council.

    "What makes me feel good about working here? The students. From the first nervous (or bold) claims in a junior humanities class, to the rich discussions in senior English classes, to the casual conversations in the hall, being around these students is always interesting and often challenging, in the best way. They are sincere in ways most of my college students weren't. They have a pretense-radar that is so finely tuned, it detects even the slightest resemblance to a pose."

  • Sue Ashe

    Sue Ashe

    Academics Computer Science Instructor

  • Jamelle Gestwicki

    Jamelle Gestwicki

    Academics Social Studies Faculty

    Jamelle Gestwicki, a native of Canandaigua, New York, earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Government from Daemen College and her Masters in Education from Canisius College. Ms. Gestwicki successfully completed the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) certification in 2010. She holds a New York State Permanent Teaching Certificate and a South Carolina Professional Certificate Masters Plus 30. She has South Carolina teaching endorsements in Advanced Placement Human Geography, US History, European History, and World History and has served as a teaching assistant for the AP US History Institute at Clemson. Ms. Gestwicki taught in the Greenville County Schools at Mauldin High School for 14 years before coming to the Governor’s School in 2007. She was the Mauldin High School Teacher of the Year in 1985-1986 and a Who’s Who among America's Teachers in 2006. Ms. Gestwicki is a member of the National Council for Social Studies and is a Teaching Consultant for the South Carolina Geographic Alliance. Ms. Gestwicki currently serves as sponsor of the International Relations Club, Senior Class Advisor, and member of the Graduation Committee.

    “The South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities is a remarkable initiative that challenges our students to pursue bold and brilliant dreams. For students who accept these challenges, many doors will open in the future and personal growth will flourish.”

  • Rusty Godfrey

    Rusty Godfrey

    Academics Social Studies Faculty

    Rusty Godfrey has taught social studies since 1992. A native of Greenville, Mr. Godfrey attended Furman University, earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in History in 1991. In 1998, he earned a Masters in Education degree from Clemson University. He joined the faculty of the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities in 2002 after a decade at J.L. Mann High School in Greenville. He successfully completed the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) certification process in the fall of 2004 and was re-certified in 2014. Mr. Godfrey is also a licensed local pastor of the United Methodist Church since 2015, and he is working on the required course of study at Duke Divinity School.

    Mr. Godfrey currently teaches Honors U.S. History, A.P. United States History, and the Holocaust Seminar. Among his many hobbies are jazz recordings (especially Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong), model trains, lighthouses, and family history. He and his wife live in Greenville and have two sons.

    "A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops" -Henry Brooks Adams 

    "Jazz is played from the heart. You can ever live by it. Always love it" -Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” -Edmund Burke

    “History is about trying to interpret the past so that it can hopefully illumine our situation today and serve as a guide for our collective future.” -Mr. Godfrey

  • Marion Grier

    Marion Grier

    Academics French and German Faculty

    Marion Grier has been an instructor of world languages, with certification in French/German/ESOL, for over 25 years.  Originally from Detroit, she spent one year studying in Clermont-Ferrand, France as part of the BA foreign study program at Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo, MI.  She later completed an MBA at Clemson University while working in the accounting, marketing, and language lab departments of the Michelin Tire Corporation.  She has conducted several student exchange programs in Germany and has been selected to participate in a wide variety of language seminars and programs:

    2018 - Selected by AATG as a Chaperone for its Summer Study Program, Kiel, Germany.

    2015 – Bundesministerium für Frauen, Summer Seminar Erzähl Mir Was (Digital Storytelling in German), Vienna, Austria.

    2014 – National Endowment of the Humanities, Summer Seminar, “France’s Legacy - WWI and WWII”, Paris and Caen, France.

    2011 – US Department of State, “Teacher Excellence & Achievement Program,” Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.

    2007 – AATG Award; “Immersion Methodologies,” Summer Seminar, Concordia Language Villages, MN.

    2004 – Koscuisko Foundation; English Immersion Summer Camp, July, Limanova, Poland.

    2003 – AATG Award; Goethe Institute, Summer Seminar, Kunst & Kultur (Art & Culture) Berlin, Germany.

  • Alice Moraes

    Alice Moraes

    Academics Science Instructor

    After finishing her BS degree in Agronomy from Universidade Federal do RS(UFRGS) in Brazil, Alice Moraes started working in research. In 1991, Ali received her Master’s degree in Animal Science (UFRGS) and in the same year she was awarded a scholarship to work toward her Ph.D. in Animal Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of Florida. After earning her Ph.D., she worked as a Research Associate in the Physiology Department, University of Kentucky. While at UK — after 15 years of doing research using different models ranging from cattle to rats — she decided to shift her career to an even more fulfilling one! In 2001, Ali concluded her Master’s with Initial Certification in Secondary Science Education at UK and started teaching high school science. From 2008-12, she held a full time position at Converse College where she was the Director of the Secondary Science Education Programs. Ali began to work at the Governor’s School in 2014 teaching Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. What she says about teaching: “Sharing knowledge with students is what puts a smile on my face!”

  • Charles Poore

    Charles Poore

    Academics Spanish Faculty

    Charles graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism. After graduation, he worked for the Lancaster County Council for the Arts (LCCA) coordinating their Arts in Education initiative. He also curated two local galleries and designed, wrote, and produced all publicity materials for the LCCA.

    Charles earned his M.Div.BL from Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. In 2000, Charles and his family moved to San Jose, Costa Rica, to study at the Instituto de Lengua Española (ILE). After completing the year of study at ILE, Charles and his family moved to Puebla, México, where they lived and worked for five years.

    Upon returning from Latin America, Charles taught Spanish at Dorman High School and Palmetto High School. He joined the Governor's School faculty in the fall of 2016 and serves as the sponsor for the National Spanish Honor Society, which conducted its first induction ceremony in October of 2016.

    Charles has performed professionally with the Columbia City Ballet and Gaston Ballet Theatre. He also toured regionally with the Patchwork Players and appeared in several local and national commercials. 

    In addition to his teaching duties, Charles currently serves as a Chaplain with the rank of Major in the South Carolina National Guard, and participates in local theater productions.

  • Emily Rossi

    Emily Rossi

    Academics English Faculty

  • Cathy Seidel

    Cathy Seidel

    Academics Math Faculty

    Mrs. Seidel was born in New Rochelle, New York, and raised in Spartanburg, South Carolina. She is a licensed teacher in the State of South Carolina in Secondary Mathematics and Economics, obtained the MSED from Indiana University, The Citadel, MAT Program, and the BA from Limestone College. She has taught for the Greenville School District most recently: 17 years at Mauldin High School, Limestone College, and Greenville Technical College. For five years Ms. Seidel coached girls' golf. She is a Multiple Year Honoree of Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers, and is a recipient of the Golden Apple Award (2004), National Honor Roll’s Outstanding American Teachers (2007), Mathematics Grader for the National Board Exam, and Cambridge Who’s Who Among Executive and Professional Women in Teaching and Education (2007-2008). She and Bill have two children and a rescue dog named Ollie.

    “Governor’s School students are so creative in their thinking, and I have found that they want to be here to grow even more. It is wonderful to show how mathematics is used in the arts and music areas.”

  • Mark Sibley-Jones

    Mark Sibley-Jones

    Academics English Faculty

    Mark Sibley-Jones taught at USC-Columbia for fifteen years before coming to the Governor's School. From 2002 to 2006 he taught English Literature at the South Carolina Honors College and advised students across a number of academic disciplines. He is thrilled to be teaching juniors in English III, English IV, and AP English Literature at the Governor's School.

  • Bill Smith

    Bill Smith

    Academics Science Faculty