• Anna Katherine Freeland

    Anna Katherine Freeland

    Academics English Instructor, Academic Department Chair

    Anna Katherine Freeland completed her BA In English at Converse College and earned her MFA from Pacific University. She co-founded The Writers Block Project and taught literature and creative writing in maximum security prisons for nine years. Her prose has appeared in Didn’t See It Coming, The Emrys Journal, Talk, AtHome, and recently, her poetry has appeared in Prospectus Literary Journal, Emrys Journal, and Passengers Journal. She teaches AP English Language, serves as the Chair of the Academic Department, and directs the Creative Writing summer programs. 

    A.K. also coaches runners for half marathons and marathons. She has run 24 marathons and ultramarathons and completed Grand to Grand, a 170 mile, seven day stage race.

    A.K. reads, writes, and evangelizes about poems and finds teaching at SCGSAH nothing short of magical. 

  • Harrison Brookie

    Harrison Brookie

    Academics Social Studies Instructor

    Harrison Brookie graduated from Clemson University where he obtained a Bachelor’s in Secondary Education and Master’s in Economics. Before coming to the Governor’s School, Harrison was a social studies teacher for 15 years in traditional, International Baccalaureate, and Charter high schools.

    He has taught every required high school social studies course, as well as AP U.S. History and AP Microeconomics. This has given him a deep appreciation of how multiple fields of study connect to each other and to the real world students live in. Harrison loves an active classroom where everyone is encouraged to speak up and deeply listen.

    As the owner and Executive Director of the Alchemy Comedy Theater, he’s also an artist. Harrison teaches and performs improv weekly here in Greenville, SC.

  • Justin Koury

    Justin Koury

    Academics Math Instructor

    Justin Koury has been teaching in South Carolina for 10 years, most recently at Lake View High School in the Pee Dee. He graduated with a degree in Economics and Business from the University of South Florida and a Masters in Instructional Technology from Coastal Carolina University. He typically takes a course in something over the summer along with reading, traveling, and relaxing. He also participated in crafting the support documents for South Carolina's mathematics standards. He is eager to share his love of learning and the beauty of mathematics with students during the new school-year.

  • Charnise Mangle

    Charnise Mangle

    Academics Social Studies Instructor

    Charnise Mangle is an extraordinary social studies teacher and certified literacy teacher and coach. Ms. Mangle is a Greenville native and attended Clemson University, where she earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Secondary History of the Social Sciences in 2012. When she understood the need for teachers to incorporate content specific literacy strategies in their classrooms for student content understanding, she began studying literacy. In 2019, she earned a Master’s of Arts in Education with a concentration in Literacy from Furman University. She joined the faculty of the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities in 2020 after six years at Wade Hampton High School in Greenville County.

    Ms. Mangle has a passion and zeal for teaching social studies and has created a classroom where students can learn about United States Government, AP Government and Politics, Economics and Personal Finance, and United States History and the Constitution in a compelling and creative way as she guides them on a journey of personal civic duty, finance and community understanding.

    She believes she has been called to raise the next generation to become critical thinkers and people of progress. She has been working with high school students since 2009 through YoungLife, student ministry, mentoring, tutoring and teaching. In 2014, Ms. Mangle worked as a Residential Life Coordinator for the Governor’s School and enjoyed the experience so much she dreamed of being a part of the academic faculty once she became a teacher. She is honored to serve as a faculty member and Chair of the Faculty Council consisting of arts and academic faculty.    

    Ms. Mangle is also a published author of her ebook, Understanding Race and Racism in America: A Collection of Resources on Race in the United States of America for Self-Exploration, released in 2020. She also serves on several committees in Greenville, and is on the Board of Directors for Homes of Hope, Public Education Partners and Lead Collective.   

    According to Mrs. Rita Pierson, the educator who has profoundly impacted Ms. Mangle, "every child deserves a champion -- an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best they can possibly be."

  • Mark Sibley-Jones

    Mark Sibley-Jones

    Academics English Faculty

    Mark Sibley-Jones taught at USC-Columbia for fifteen years before coming to the Governor's School. From 2002 to 2006 he taught English Literature at the South Carolina Honors College and advised students across a number of academic disciplines. He is thrilled to be teaching juniors in English III, English IV, and AP English Literature at the Governor's School.

  • Bill Smith

    Bill Smith

    Academics Science Faculty

  • Emily Styer

    Emily Styer

    Academics Math Instructor

    Mrs. Styer grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

    She received her undergraduate degree in Economics with a minor in Business from Penn State University, Post-Baccalaureate in Math Education from Millersville University, and Master’s in Administration from Southern Wesleyan University.

    Mrs. Styer taught math for a year at Spring Valley HS in Columbia, SC and then for eight years at Fort Dorchester HS in North Charleston, SC. She taught IB Math while at Fort Dorchester and served as the school's AP coordinator for three years before moving to Greenville, SC in 2019. From 2019-2023 Ms. Styer served as the Advanced Studies Coordinator at Woodmont High School. She also was part of the instructional team and worked with Algebra 1, AP, and IB courses. She lives with her husband, daughter, and two dogs, Yoda and Nuke.

    She is excited to be back in the classroom teaching at SCGSAH!

  • Desiree Williams

    Desiree Williams

    Academics Academic Assistance Coordinator

    Desiree has spent most of her professional career mentoring and counseling students and adults. She earned a Bachelor of Social Work from Albany State University in Albany, GA and a Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling-Marriage & Family from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA.  Prior to joining the SC Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities, Desiree served the state of South Carolina as a Licensed Addiction Counselor for 11 years and Greenville County School District as a Special Education Teacher for 3 years.

    She is passionate about coaching students to make healthy, informed decisions in order to experience maximum personal and academic success. 

    Desiree enjoys spending time with family, playing basketball and board games, and engaging in outdoor activities.