Humanities Course

Humanities at the Governor's School is an introduction to college-level thinking and discussion. Our goal in humanities is to gain a deeper understanding of human thought and culture. The class is guided by five main questions: 

  • Who are we as artists?
  • Why do we do what we do?
  • How do we think as artists?
  • Why do the arts have value for society?
  • How do we thrive as artists in today's society?

Through writing and conversation, we examine common themes across a variety of media. Students are encouraged to share knowledge about their chosen art areas and look at how different art forms inform each other. We also learn from guest speakers from a diverse range of arts-related careers. 

Since it is fundamental to the mission of the school, the successful completion of Humanities is required each year. Along with their work in the arts, this course of study allows students to earn a Scholars Diploma in addition to their South Carolina high school diploma. 

Students in Humanities course
Students in discussion group