The Governor's School's highest priority is the health and safety of our students and employees. Please review the following information and resources to stay informed on the latest school and COVID-19 updates.

COVID-19 Protocols

COVID-19 Vaccination

Consistent with current Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendation, students and employees are encouraged to accept the vaccine if they are eligible at this time. Unvaccinated individuals may require a longer quarantine period as determined by their vaccination status should one be necessary. DHEC has made the vaccine readily available at sites across South Carolina. Full information on vaccination locations may be found here

Staying Away When Ill

All members of the campus community are required to remain off campus when exhibiting the symptoms of any contagious illness. As a public school, the Governor’s School follows the School Exclusion List as promulgated by DHEC. This list provides information about when any member of a school community should be away from campus for the health and safety of all. Many common symptoms and illnesses are listed, including influenza, conjunctivitis (pink eye), and respiratory distress. Isolation rooms in the residence hall are provided only for the time required for a parent to travel to Greenville. Long-term on-campus isolation is not available.

Exposure Control

The SCGSAH follows DHEC protocols for any potential COVID-19 exposure. Specific school personnel are responsible for exposure control and coordination with DHEC: Amy Sakofsky for students and LaTomya Doctor for employees. Both of them will follow the most recent DHEC guidance, outlining direct steps for schools to take in the case of suspected or known exposure.

Symptomatic Individuals: If an individual is exhibiting signs and symptoms of COVID-19 as noted by a medical professional, they are required to quarantine and are strongly encouraged to be tested. Testing is available at many DHEC sites across South Carolina at no cost. Symptomatic individuals must remain off campus until symptoms resolve and/or they receive a negative test.

Individuals with a Positive COVID-19 Test: If an individual receives a positive COVID-19 test, they must follow DHEC’s isolation protocol. These steps include remaining away from the school campus for ten days from the onset of symptoms and being symptom-free on return. Further, the individual must provide a list of close contacts as defined by DHEC.

Contact Tracing: Contact tracing begins upon notification of a positive COVID-19 test result. DHEC defines close contact protocols. As the SCGSAH only tracks vaccination status for those who have voluntarily self-reported, all individuals meeting this time and distance are notified.

Testing: The current offerings for on-site testing require staffing and facilities unavailable on our small campus. In the past two weeks, DHEC has begun sharing information about a staffed testing option. We have indicated our interest in this program as it develops. As testing is an individual and family decision and due to the logistical challenges involved, we do not have the resources to provide transportation to testing sites. We are happy, however, to connect families to free testing locations statewide. Those are also available on DHEC’s website.

COVID-19 Resources

The links below contain updated information from the following government agencies.