Welcome to the Governor's School Alumni Advisory Council’s 2023 Guest Artists Fund Challenge!

Do you remember working with or watching a guest artist perform at the Governor's School? It was likely exciting and incredibly inspiring. As of today, it costs approximately $3,000 on average for the Governor's School to host only one guest artist for its students. One. This amount typically covers travel, lodging, and food for the guest artist. As Governor's School alumni, our goal is to collectively raise $3,000 by the end of the 2023-24 school year, to formally host the alumni's first sponsored guest artist.

The first 10 contributors will receive Governor's School memorabilia and have the opportunity to attend a virtual chat with the guest artist who is selected. Thank you for helping Governor's School alumni to meet this charge, and let’s meet this moment together!


Current Alumni Advisory Council Members

P.S. - For a trip down memory lane, scroll down below to see some of the past guest artists sponsored by the Governor's School Foundation!



Please fill out the form below to impact today's students in the way you were impacted! Also, consider making this a monthly donation to show your support of the Governor's School year-round!

Gifts can also be mailed to:
SCGSAH Foundation
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