The mission of the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities is to serve the artistically talented high school students of South Carolina through programs of pre-professional instruction in an environment of artistic and academic excellence. The school is a resource for all teachers and students in South Carolina.


As a community, the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities' values:

  • The Whole Child
    As a residential living and learning environment, we recognize a responsibility to meet the needs of the whole child in a safe, supportive, creative environment.
  • Mutual Respect
    We seek to create and sustain a diverse community characterized by respectful challenges and civility.
  • Collaboration
    Teaching and learning should be collaborative.

In terms of student characteristics, we value:

  • Responsibility
    Students share the responsibility for their learning.
  • Intellectual Curiosity
    Students are best prepared to meet life's challenges by becoming critical and creative thinkers and problem solvers.
  • Growth
    The school seeks to provide a solid foundation for continued artistic and academic development.
  • Service Learning
    Students benefit from extending what they learn in the classroom to the arena of the larger community.

In terms of teaching and learning, we value:

  • Artists, Scholars, Teachers, Mentor
    Students learn best with artists/scholars/teachers as role models and mentors, in an open exchange of ideas and a passion for the area of study. Since this mentoring relationship best meets the demands of artistically gifted students, we will strive to foster it by maintaining optimal class sizes (appropriate to subject area).
  • Innovative Curriculum
    The nature of the school's curriculum and students' demands means instruction, evaluation, and assessment that are often original.
  • Individualized Instruction
    Teaching should reflect each student's unique needs through a differentiated curriculum.
  • Program Integration
    An integrated relationship connects all programs. The arts, sciences, and humanities enrich each other and are best learned in a mutually supportive atmosphere.
  • Leadership
    The Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities serves as a resource throughout the state by collaborating on curriculum design, instruction, and other forms of professional development for educators.