Now accepting applications for Summer and Fall 2024!

What to Expect When Applying

Applying is a multi-step process and can take anywhere from five days to several weeks.

Step 1: Complete the Account Set-up Form to create or update your account.
Step 2: Review and complete your Admissions Checklist in the application portal. 
Step 3: Most applicants will submit an artistic component to the Admissions Checklist.
Step 4: Depending on art area and grade level, select applicants will be invited to a virtual or in-person audition.

Ready? Begin the Application Process Here!

All applicants, even those who applied in previous years, need to complete the Account Setup Form.

Not sure what to apply for? Visit How to Apply to learn more.

Continue the Application Process

Use this link to access the Application Portal and continue applying.
Access the Application Portal


If you're having trouble submitting the Account Setup Form or accessing the Application Portal, we suggest attempting again on a different personal device connected to your home network (wifi or cellular data), as some school and work networks may restrict your access to If this doesn't work, please contact and provide the student's name, current grade, preferred art area(s), and South Carolina county.