School Counseling is available for all students through individual and group counseling, guidance staff members assist students in making decisions about course selection, occupational planning, college and post-secondary choices, and personal/social adjustment. The Director of School Counseling also processes college and scholarship applications and assists students with special needs.

Students receive guidance and support from each member of the school's faculty and staff, and art department chairs serve as students' mentors. The chairs assist in course selection and scheduling; review grade reports, academic and artistic progress; communicate with faculty and Student Life staff to encourage success and offer career and college guidance.

In conjunction with the appropriate department chair, the office of School Counseling will work directly with students during their senior year in choosing appropriate colleges, conservatories, or professional experiences to follow the senior year. Assistance is also provided in obtaining applications and scholarship materials. The entire faculty provides valuable guidance in students' preparations of auditions, portfolios and other application materials.