Develop your talents and expand your skills around fellow Musicians

During this intensive one week program, band and string students grow their artistry, knowledge, and confidence through performing ensembles, lessons, and master classes on their instruments. Electives include Music Theory, Global Musical Styles, Conducting, World Drumming and Yoga.

How To Apply

Applying is a multi-step process and can take anywhere from five days to several weeks.

Step 1: Complete the Account Set-up Form to create or update your account
Step 2: Review and complete your Admissions Checklist in the application portal
Step 3: Submit your Audition Video to your Admissions Checklist

Audition Video Requirements

Applicants are required to submit a link to a 3 minute video audition through the application checklist.

Video Format:
1. Introduce yourself and your material: “My name is (your preferred name and last name). I've prepared (title of piece) by (composer/songwriter).”
2. Perform your song: Choose a piece that demonstrates your current instrumental level. You can be unaccompanied.

Video Tips:
Sound quality is important! Make sure we can clearly hear you without distracting background noises.
Need help creating the link for your video? Check out this resource!

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