About the Data

These totals below include known Governor's School faculty, staff, and students with confirmed cases of COVID-19 reported to the school who have been present on campus within 48 hours of the onset of symptoms or diagnosis and could therefore have presented a risk of exposure to other members of the Governor's School community. They do not include individuals who may have confirmed cases but have not reported to campus within the designated timeframe or individuals who are self-quarantining without a confirmed diagnosis.

Privacy Statement

To protect individuals’ private health information, the Governor's School will not publicly identify employees or students diagnosed with COVID-19. Anyone considered to be a close contact will be notified directly and given instructions regarding self-isolation and testing.

Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

This data is updated at the beginning of each month.

Positive Cases in May 2022

  • Students: 0
  • Employees: 2

Cumulative cases since January 1, 2022

  • Total cases: 42
  • Students: 13
  • Employees: 29