Dancing & the Stars: Using Movement to Explore the Night Sky

Project Description

In this activity, designed by Governor's School Spark Training Coordinator and Actor Teacher Melissa McCrary, students will investigate the stars and constellations present in the South Carolina night sky, and create a dance to show movement through the months or seasons. Students also explore, discover and create a variety of dance elements using the included Dance Elements guide.

Suitable for Grades 3-8.

Artistic Process

Create and Respond

What's Included

-Dance Elements Guide (Digital)
-4 Star Reflection (Digital)
-T-A-G Feedback Guide (Digital)
-Final Project Rubric (Digital)
-Lesson Plans (Digital)

Guiding Question

What stars and constellations are visible in the night sky each season?

Standards Addressed

5-ESS1-2: Represent data in graphical displays to reveal patterns of daily changes
in length and direction of shadows, day and night, and the seasonal appearance
of some stars in the night sky.

ESS1.B: Earth and the Solar System The orbits of Earth around the sun
and of the moon around Earth, together with the rotation of Earth about
an axis between its North and South poles, cause observable patterns. These include day and night; daily changes in the length and direction of shadows; and different positions of the sun, moon, and stars at different
times of the day, month, and year.

This resource also aligns with the following from the Profile of the SC Graduate:

World Class Knowledge: Science, Arts (Dance)
World Class Skills: Critical Thinking & Problem Solving; Creativity & Innovation; Collaboration & Teamwork
Life and Career Characteristics: Perseverance; Work Ethic; Interpersonal Skills

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About the Artist

Learn more about Melissa McCrary here.

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