A Day in a Life with Ballerina Whitney Huell

Project Description

Participants will view a pre-recorded Artist Talk by SC Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities 2004 Dance Alumni and Kansas City Ballet company dancer, Whitney Huell. Huell grew up in Richland County and is best known as the first Black ballerina to dance the Sugar Plum Fairy role in The Nutcracker. This artist talk will explore a day in a life of a professional dancer, and students will learn about the dance journey of a local ballerina of color who has gone on to make history. Click on the video below for a preview!

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What's included

-Lesson plan
-Full Companion Video
-Teacher Guide
-Student Guides

Guiding Question

What’s the story now: As artists, how did we get here? Where are we now? Where are we going? 

Artistic Process


Standards Addressed

D.CR. IL.2.2. I can create a dance that communicates emotions, ideas, and experiences.

This resource also aligns with the following from the Profile of the SC Graduate:

World Class Skills: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Life and Career Characteristics: Self-Direction, Perseverance

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