Drama: Language Fundamentals

Project Description

Language, to the actor, is a physical pursuit - not just letters on a page.  Words and language are primary tools with which the actor does their job.  In the same way that the body must be prepared for acting work, so must the vocal instrument be prepared and honed for effective use on the stage.  This workshop introduces vital aural and physical language practice and warmup techniques for the developing acting student.

What's Included

Full instructional video


Learning How to Tell the Story: What’s the approach? 

Artistic Process


Standards Addressed

T.R.NL.6.2. I can recognize that the performer has a responsibility to the audience.

This resource also aligns with the following from the Profile of the SC Graduate:

World Class Skills: Communication
Life and Career Characteristics: Work Ethic, Interpersonal Skills

About Jayce Tromsness

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