Project Description

One of an actor's most important jobs is to embody a character and share that character's stories. What happens when the character is actually a real-life person and the stories are actually life events?

In UNMASKED, a project that originally aired in January 2021, Governor's School Drama students interviewed real people and shared their stories by performed monologues as those people. In this pre-recorded lesson, Governor's School Guest Artist Jasminn Johnson discusses inspirations for the project, the challenges that we all faced during 2020, and the power of storytelling through theatre.

Due to heavier themes surrounding illness, death, and race, this activity is recommended for students 8th grade and above.


What's Included

-Full Instructional Video with reflection questions.

Guiding Question

How do actors tell stories through theatre?

Artistic Process


Standards Addressed

T.R.A.H.5 - I can construct and analyze personal meaning within the context of the performance and the world of theatre.

This resource also aligns with the following from the Profile of the SC Graduate:

World Class Skills: Creativity in Innovation, Communication
Life and Career Characteristics: Global Perspective, Interpersonal Skills

About the Project Creators

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