Visual and Musical Repetition with Handmade Drums

DrumsProject Description

Visual arts and music both create rhythm! In visual arts, artists use lines, shapes, colors, and other elements of design to create repetition. This repetition can be used to create visual rhythm. Musicians use a steady beat combined with a series of notes and rests to create musical repetition and rhythmic patterns. 

In this two-part activity, students will learn how repetition is used in both art forms by designing and performing on percussion instruments. First, students will learn how to create their very own drum and design their own visual repetition patterns on the drum shell (the body of the drum). Once their drum is complete, students practice musical repetition through drumming a steady beat and simple rhythms.

Suitable for grades K-12.

What's included

-Digital Activity Guide.
-Drum shells for each student (supplies are limited)
-Drum shells for Teacher demo (supplies are limited)
-Construction Paper for drum design (supplies are limited)
-Lesson Plan

Guiding Question

How does repetition demonstrate the relationship between music and visual arts?

Artistic Process


Standards Addressed

VA.CR NH. 1 - I can select and arrange the elements to demonstrate principles of art.

GM.CR NL 2.2 - I can echo simple rhythmic patterns.

This resource also aligns with the following from the Profile of the SC Graduate:

World Class Skills: Creativity and Innovation
Life and Career Characteristics: Self-Direction

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