Making Friends - Literally!

Project Description

In this activity, designed by Anne Tromsness, SCGSAH Drama Faculty, students will read a book together as a class and create a hand puppet version of a favorite character. Then they will work in groups to create a short scene from the book, or a new scene based on the story.

As a BONUS activity, students can design and craft their puppets using the supplies included in this kit!

Suitable for grades K-8.

Artistic Process

Create, Perform

What's included

-Lesson plan
-Teacher Guide (Digital)
-Study Storyboarding Sheet (Digital)
-Full Companion Video
-"Peeper" hand puppets
-BONUS Making Puppets Video
-Paper plates (while supplies last)
-Pipe cleaners (while supplies last)
-Cupcake liners (while supplies last)

Guiding Question

How can I use puppetry to act out a scene based on a book? 

Standards Addressed

Theatre Anchor Standard 1: I can create scenes and write scripts using story elements and structure.

T.CR NH.1 I can work with others to add dialogue to a story. 

This resource also aligns with the following from the Profile of the SC Graduate:

World Class Skills: Creativity and Innovation, Collaboration and Teamwork
Life and Career Characteristics: Interpersonal Skills

About the Project Creator

To learn more about Anne Tromsness, click here.

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