Naming Your World: Using Imagery to Explore Place and Native Species

Project Description

Many times we think that poetry has to start somewhere exciting and far away. However, observing the world around us is a great place to start a poem. This exercise is inspired by the poet Carolyn Forche, who talks about creating “nets of noticing” and “gleanings of the world.”

In this exercise, designed by Emily Cinquemani, SCGSAH Creative Writing Faculty, students will start a poem by collecting imagery that appeals to the five senses in their own world. Next, students  also research the names of local South Carolina plants and animals they observe and incorporate this information into their poems. 

Suitable for Grades 5-12.

Artistic Process

Create and Respond

What's included

-Teacher Guide (Digital)
-Student Worksheet (Digital Copy)
-Lesson Plan

Guiding Question

How can we incorporate imagery into our poetry to better describe the world around us?

Standards Addressed

Language Arts Standard 6.1: Write routinely and persevere in writing tasks over short and extended time frames, for a range of domain specific tasks, and for a variety of purposes and audiences.

Science Dimension 2 - Cross Cutting Concepts: Structure and Function

Science Dimension 3 -  Disciplinary Core Ideas: LS4 Unity and Diversity

This resource also aligns with the following from the Profile of the SC Graduate:

World Class Knowledge: Rigorous standards in language arts
World Class Skills: Creativity and Innovation, Communication
Life and Career Characteristics: Self-Direction, Global Perspective

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About the Artist

Learn more about Emily Cinquemani here.

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