Wind, brass and percussion students are divided into two classes: Woowinds and Brass, and Percussion. Each class meets twice weekly to develop skills in wind and percussion playing that include technique, articulation, intonation and ensemble playing.

All music students are required to take one year of Music Theory and Music History.

In each semester, they are also required to take Individual Applied Music which provides training in ensemble performance through participation in large ensembles and chamber music. Students of orchestral instruments participate in Concertato String Orchestra or Wind Ensemble as large groups, and also in chamber music for smaller combinations of instruments. Winds combine with Strings once each semester for a Chamber Orchestra (Sinfonia) concert.  Additionally, all music students sing in the Governor's School Choir each semester they are enrolled. Students also enjoy several performance opportunities in semester performances and student recitals, in addition to ensemble. The ensembles that give credit for Ensemble Applied Music for Wind, Brass and Percussion are:

  • Governor's School Choir
  • Chamber Orchestra (Sinfonia)
  • Wind Ensemble
  • Chamber Music

Each student receives weekly private lessons, group technique classes,  and instrumental master classes.