Young visual artists learn creative processes and techniques from established artists. 

Emerging visual artists attend this intensive two-year program to build on and develop artistic, conceptual and creative skills, as well as attain the discipline and confidence necessary to investigate their own imagery and self-expression.

With the guidance of teaching artists/mentors, Visual Arts students gain hands-on experience exploring different mediums and techniques in the following studio practices:

Animation and Motion Design | Architecture and 3D Modeling | Ceramics | Drawing | Graphic Design | Metal Work | Painting | Photography | Printmaking | Sculpture

In the Residential High School program, young artists learn to be constructively critical of their own and others' artwork while gaining the tools necessary to be competitive in a creative environment. They also gain experience preparing portfolios, exhibiting artwork in regional exhibitions, and entering local and national competitions. During their senior year, students choose an art concentration, allowing them to dive deep into their medium of choice.

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Student painting
Printmaking workshop with instructor
Graphic design students in lab

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