Support South Carolina's most promising young actors as they learn the foundational skills needed to pursue careers on stage, screen, and television

The South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts & Humanities Foundation supports the Governor's School Drama Department by funding needs not met by state operating funds, such as underwriting special programs, projects, and experiences offered at the school by providing financial and other assistance directly to the students.

Guest Artists

Guests artists play a valuable role in the classroom and make the Governor's School experience so unique compared to other schools.  In the 2022-2023 school year, the Foundation funded over $10,000 to bring professional guest artists to campus including actor Brandon Micheal Hall ('11 Alum), director/choreographer/educator Michael McCrary (summer drama program alum), composer Mary Fishburne Hayden (summer music program alum) and choreographer Sarah Hamilton ('10 Alum). 

Department Support 

As a residential arts school, students have unique needs and opportunities, and the Foundation is committed to assuring access to those opportunities to all students. The Foundation is able to support special learning experiences and other costs. Last school year, the Foundation helped pay for student auditions in Chicago and New York, faculty and student headshots, and student activities.

How YOU can make a difference

Your tax-deductible gift to the foundation ensures that cost is not a barrier for any student who is accepted to the Governor's School, elevates the school’s learning environment, and makes our one-of-a-kind arts community possible.

Please consider making a gift today so our young artists can share their gifts for years to come. With a monthly donation, you can show your support of the Governor's School all year-round.