You have clicked a link in a simulated phishing email!

"Beware of Phishing!"
     Do not be afraid, your computer is A-okay. Phishing is the most frequently used form of social engineering. Sometimes these emails may be targeted towards our organization directly, while others may be enticing advertisements for free or useful products, or fake social media emails targeted at getting you to login on fake login web pages. Do not take the bait! NEVER click on a link or download anything from an unexpected or unusual email. This could potentially grant a hacker access to our organization's network and/or your device.
Pointers for avoiding possible real threats in the future

If the email seems unexpected or "off" in any way, do not trust the links or attachments.

If the email appears to come from someone within our organization, but the "reply to" address does not match the "from" address, do not trust the email.

If the email specifically says "click the link" or "download the attachment" please be cautious before doing so.

Suggestions for when you are unsure if an email is legitimate

If an email seems suspicious, please forward it to IT to be analyzed.

Use the telephone to call the sender of a suspicious email or stop by their office to verify that it is legitimate.

Hover over the "from" address and "reply to" address with your mouse cursor to verify the email addresses are correct.

Hover over the hyperlinks with your mouse cursor to verify the web address is legitimate before clicking.