Writing Prompt Cards


Project Description

The Governor's School's Creative Writing faculty has gathered some of their favorite prompts into a curated collection for easy classroom use! These index sized cards feature short starters to help spur the imagination and focus writing direction. They can be used effectively in a variety of classroom settings, from bell work to special projects needing deep creative thinking, and they are appropriate for any content area. Teachers can request a classroom set that includes multiple prompts for Poetry, Nonfiction, and Short Essay.  

What's included

-A classroom set of prompt cards
-A copy of the SCGSAH Literary Magazine LITMUS


Intention and Motivation: As artists, what gets us going, and what keeps us going?

Artistic Process


Standards Addressed

This resource aligns with the following from the Profile of the SC Graduate:

World Class Knowledge: Rigorous standards in Language Arts
World Class Skills: Creativity and Innovation, Communication
Life and Career Characteristics: Self-Direction

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