“I’m homeschooled. Am I eligible to enter?” 
Absolutely! Just write “homeschooled” in the blank that asks for your school name.

“I don't live near Greenville. What if I can't drive to M. Judson?”
No problem. M. Judson offers online shopping!

“My story goes over the word limit by a couple hundred words. Is that okay?”
In a word, nope. The guidelines will be strictly enforced. 

“I have more than one great poem. Can I send in two?”
Sorry, only one per student. The guidelines will be strictly enforced.

“May I enter in more than one category? I mean, can I enter a poem and a story?”
Of course. Go for it. But you may enter each category only one time. 

"I don't live in South Carolina. May I enter?”
You're eligible only if you attend school in South Carolina. 

If you have any further questions, please email Scott Gould, instructor in the Creative Writing Department at the Governor’s School, at sgould@scgsah.org.