The Governor's School strongly values the role that guest artists play in the classroom.

Daphne PhotoWe believe that young artists benefit from exposure to the expertise that visiting artists can bring. We understand that hosting guest artists can be expensive, and that field trips are not always an option, so our Governor's School Teaching Artists and faculty are available to you, free of charge!

To accommodate the diverse needs of today's learning environments, we offer both in-person and virtual experiences. Our staff will work with you to determine the best fit for you and your students. Read more about each format below.

"My students were enthralled from the moment the class began! "

Identify Your Students

  • A school-selected group of students can be identified to attend.
  • Experiences can be customized for artistically gifted and talented students.
  • A guest artist can hold a workshop as a part of a regular arts class.

Select Your Visit


Our staff will evaluate your interests and needs and pair you with a member of the Governor's School Faculty for a virtual visit with your students. These experiences are usually available between 9 AM and 12 PM and are designed for 4th -12th grade students.


These “in-school field trips” by our Music or Visual Arts Outreach Teaching Artists are designed to provide Governor’s School experiences for teachers and students in 4th-12th grade during the regular school day. 

These workshops should be hosted by the school’s corresponding art area teacher and are generally no more than one day. Often, guests artists will visit multiple schools in the region during their day-long travel.

Choose Your Topic

Guest Artist experiences are discipline-specific. Let us know your area of interest, and we will work with you provide appropriate content. Favorite workshop topics include: 

  • Drama - Voice for the actor
  • Music - Contest or concert preparation, master classes
  • Visual Arts - Specific art mediums such as ceramics, drawing, or animation

Guest Artist visits to schools are based on availability and the connection to Governor's School curricular goals. Please note that availability is limited at certain times of the year due to teaching schedules. 

Request a Visit!