Free Teacher Resources

This year, arts teachers from across South Carolina can participate in standards-driven virtual and backpack activities designed to easily fold into any type of arts education setting, whether virtual, hybrid or in-person. Activities support foundation level students and range in style to meet various arts classroom needs. Pre-recorded artist talks, student journals, teacher guides, and fully packaged art kits are some of the many ways we look to engage with our arts education community.

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Actor's Movement Warm Up

Actors have three main tools that they must cultivate in order to develop their craft: the body, the voice, and the imagination. To access these tools, young actors must prime themselves with good, solid warm-ups. Join Rhonda Murray, Dance Instructor for Drama, as she guides students through a series of movement exercises intended to prepare and focus the body for the demands of a strong acting practice. Learn more here.

5 Tips for Region Orchestra Audition Success

Auditioning for Region Orchestra, especially when doing so for the first time, can seem scary -- and that's okay! To help you prepare for a successful audition, some of our Governor's School students and faculty share their top five tips. Learn more here.

National Arts and Humanities Month

October is National Arts and Humanities month, and the Office of Outreach is raising awareness about the humanities -- an important part of the curriculum here at the Governor's school. Check out the FREE resources and learn more about the celebration by clicking here.

A Musical Journey With Ferdinand the Bull

In this video, the 1936 children’s book The Story of Ferdinand, written by Munro Leaf, is brought to life through narration and music from George Bizet's opera, Carmen. Narrated by senior music student Anier Colon-Flores, this entertaining and gentle musical tale approaches topics such as conformity, aggression, and individual differences. You will also meet the instrumental members of a woodwind quintet, and learn how they leverage their differences to make music together. *Special Note: The book narration can be reserved in English and/or in Spanish. This is a great opportunity for Spanish teachers to integrate the arts into their classrooms! Learn more here.

Drama: Language Fundamentals

Language, to the actor, is a physical pursuit - not just letters on a page.  Words and language are primary tools with which the actor does his or her job.  In the same way that the body must be prepared for acting work, so must the vocal instrument be prepared and honed for effective use on the stage.  This workshop introduces vital aural and physical language practice and warmup techniques for the developing acting student. Learn more here. 

Drama: Transformations

One of an actor's most important jobs is to embody a character and share that character's stories. What happens when the character is actually a real-life person and the stories are actually life events? Learn more here.

A Day in the Life with Ballerina Whitney Huell - COMING SOON

Participants will view a pre-recorded Artist Talk by SC Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities 2004 Dance Alumni and Kansas City Ballet company dancer, Whitney Huell. Huell grew up in Richland County and is best known as the first Black ballerina to dance the Sugar Plum Fairy role in The Nutcracker. This artist talk will explore a day in a life of a professional dancer, and students will learn about the dance journey of a local ballerina of color who has gone on to make history. Learn more here.

This resource will be available beginning on December 10th.