Teacher Retreats

TR LogoThe Governor's School Teacher Retreat Series is one of the school’s most sought-after professional development opportunities. Hosted collaboratively between the Office of Outreach and the Office of Arts and Academics, these two-day intensives provide high-quality, hands-on experiences designed to support educators in the arts in an environment of artistic excellence. Check out our 2021-2022 Retreats below! 

Fall 2021: Exploring World Cultures Through Music and More!

Join us at the Governor's School on November 12-13 as we welcome Kennedy Center Teaching Artist Imani Gonzalez! This FREE workshop will explore world cultures through the eyes of children and immerse teachers in the musical roots of jazz.

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Spring 2022: K-12 Dance Retreat

We are partnering with the Governor's School Dance Department during Grand Jeté weekend to host a workshop for K-12 Dance Teachers on March 6. This excellent opportunity to work with experienced clinicians in a variety of disciplines will be offered both in-person and virtually.

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After interviewing and surveying numerous teachers over the past few years, we determined three things:

  • Teachers in the arts need opportunities to network within their field.
  • Teachers in the arts are not always provided the appropriate funding to attend the opportunities that do exist.
  • Teachers in the arts are, at the core, artists, and need opportunities to perfect their craft in order to maintain a level of high competency in the classroom.

The Governor's School's professional development retreat model was created to directly impact these findings. Thanks to grants from the Arts and Basic Curriculum Project through the SC Arts Commission, teachers are provided a cost-free, high-quality opportunity to cultivate their craft as well as their pedagogical skills in an environment of peer-based growth and support. Hotel and meal accommodations are provided. A $50 deposit is require to secure reservations and deposits are returned upon successful program completion.

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