Let Art Blossom: Introducing the Library Maker Space

Posted by Christina Fuller-Gregory
Library Maker Space

At the Governor’s School, the energy born of the creative process can be found in every corner of campus, including the library. When most of us think about the library, what instantly comes to mind is a place where you can study, research, and most importantly, read. But what about the library as a place where our Govie community can collaborate, innovate, and create?  Enter the libraries new makerspace — The L.A.B, an acronym for Let Art Blossom.

The purpose of The L.A.B. is to encourage students, faculty, and staff to create by providing them with both high-tech and low-tech materials and equipment. This unique space features sewing and embroidery machines, a Cricut Air Explore 2, Cricut Maker, button machine, and more. Everyone on campus is welcome to use the equipment and will be provided instruction through what the library calls how-tutorials. The goal of The L.A.B. is to introduce a space and equipment that is accessible to everyone.    

The equipment in The L.A.B. is available for independent or campus organizational use. This space will also provide a variety of classes, including its first offering, Sewn Together, a group sewing class that teaches sewing basics, while completing a fun project.

While the library recognizes that our students have access to dynamic resources in their art areas, the purpose of this space is to align with our overall and art-focused strategic plans through the introduction of a centralized, art-focused space to support our community of creators and makers.

The L.A.B. officially opens in January, we look forward to seeing how creativity blooms.