Opinion: We Matched Every Academic Instructor to a Cartoon Character

Posted by Piper Greene & Jakai Norfleet
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Have you ever found your mind wandering in the middle of class, thinking your math teacher reminds you of a cartoon character from that one show you watched when you were younger? Does Bill Smith look a little too familiar? Well, we have, so we matched all of SCGSAH’s academic instructors to cartoon characters from childhood movies and TV shows. We thought long and hard about which characters our teachers remind us of (and spent far too much time on Fandom). Ultimately, we settled on this list. 

Harrison Brookie1. Mr. Brookie: Simon from "Alvin and the Chipmunks"

Simon and Mr. Brookie are two of the most quick-witted, funny, and astute people (and animals) we can think of! He may not be passionate about cheese-balls or raisins, but Mr. Brookie is a natural entertainer, much like Simon. Mr. Brookie’s history class is a lot like an improv show: funny and relatable at times. He always keeps class interesting. 


Katie Byrd and Elastagirl2. Mrs. Byrd: Elastagirl from "The Incredibles" 

Mrs. Byrd and Elastagirl both share a unique sense of humor, cracking jokes thoughtfully and providing a fresh perspective to every topic of conversation. Her chill, laid-back demeanor makes Mrs. Byrd an easy person to talk to. She has a way of making the most complicated concepts understandable, applying them to real world situations. She and Elastagirl are both very determined. Both are great examples of strong women who know how to get things done. 

AK Freeland and Miss Frizzle3. Ms. Freeland: Ms. Frizzle from "The Magic School Bus" 

It’s not hard to imagine Ms. Freeland adopting Miss Frizzle’s catchphrase: “Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!” Like Miss Frizzle, Ms. Freeland encourages her students to try new things, learn from their mistakes, and know as much as possible about the world around them. Though she may not have a magic school bus (as far as we know… we hear she has a donkey though??), Ms. Freeland gives her students the resources they need to become better writers, students, and world citizens. In her AP Language and Composition class, for example, we have listened to a poetry podcast by Pádraig Ó Tuama. This provides us with a form of writing that isn’t the analytical style required for the AP exam, and she encourages us to try writing our own poetry. Not to mention, both ladies show up to school in the coolest outfits! 

Marion Grier4. Ms. Grier: Edna Mode from "The Incredibles" 

Fashionable, clever, and natural leaders, Frau Greer and Edna Mode are a perfect match! They both share a unique fashion style, a bold personality, and an effortless sense of humor. If you have ever had Frau Greer, you know how fun her classes are! She makes learning German a blast – if you were to walk into her classroom, she would likely be cracking jokes, acting out scenarios, and engaging her students in creative ways. We think this quote sums up both icons’ thoughtful outlooks on life: “I never look back, darling! It distracts from the now.”

Rose Jenkins and Donatello5. Dr. Jenkins: Donatello from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" 

Calm, devoted, sensible: Dr. Jenkins and Donatello are both intelligent and inventive. In many ways, Donatello is a lot like a teacher (and we have suspicions that Dr. Jenkins may have some hidden ninja skills), so the two are a great match! Dr. Jenkins is devoted to teaching and loves to tell funny stories about her experiences as a lifelong student.. Similar to how Donatello is armed with a staff and his instincts, Dr. Jenkins is armed with an Expo marker and her amazing teaching skills! 

Justin Koury and Lawrence Fletcher6. Mr. Koury: Lawrence Fletcher from "Phineas and Ferb"

Kind, imaginative, and easy-going, Mr. Koury comes off as quiet and reserved at first but is an engaging and lovable teacher. Like Mr. Fletcher, Mr. Koury is hard-working but still makes time for fun. Both create a chill atmosphere in any situation they enter.


Sandra Lopez7. Señora Lopez: Marianne Thornberry from "The Wild Thornberrys"

Señora Lopez and Marianne Thornberry are lively, adventurous, and encouraging! Aside from the fact that they are avid travelers and enjoy learning about new cultures, they both exude an air of wisdom and intelligence. Señora Lopez creates a positive environment in all of her Spanish classes. She encourages her students to ask questions and engage in class discussions to better understand the language. Like Maryanne Thornberry, Señora Lopez is caring and creative. 

Charnise Mangle8. Ms. Mangle: Penny Proud from "The Proud Family" 

Like Penny Proud, Ms. Mangle is grounded, intelligent, and lively. When in a conversation with Ms. Mangle, you are likely to feel refreshed and understood, just like Penny Proud makes us feel. Additionally, both Penny and Ms. Mangle express themselves with eloquence and confidence, like when Ms. Mangle encourages her students to educate and advocate for themselves. 

Mark Sibley-Jones9. Sib-Jo: Rabbit from "Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" 

Smart, sensible, refined: Rabbit or Sib-Jo? Trick question, it’s both! Just as Rabbit enjoys the finer things in life, like ice-skating, gardening, and tea time, Sib-Jo takes pleasure in playing tennis, writing philosophical essays, and reading classic literature. Both are clever, hard-working, and dedicated to their passions. Nonetheless, Sib-Jo always succeeds in bringing a smile to his students’ faces. Both Rabbit and Sib-Jo fit the type of friend who gives great advice and will offer a listening ear. 

Bill Smith10. Bill Smith: Martin Kratt from "The Wild Kratts" 

Bill Smith and Martin Kratt have more in common than just their love for animals and science; they are curious, enthusiastic, outspoken, and down-to-earth academics who love a good prank and getting to know new people. Both are naturally apt for the field of science, knowing how to balance fun and education. Mr. Smith often encourages us to “keep on adventuring!” 

Katie Steenerson11. Dr. Steenerson: Belle from "Beauty and the Beast"

Dr. Steenerson and Belle are practically the same person! Elegant, caring, and smart, Dr. Steenerson sees the beauty in everyone. She often thinks of what the future has to offer and how she can help others. Much like Belle, she is a devoted bibliophile and works to educate her students, as well as herself, about current events happening around the world. Optimistic and honest, Dr. Steenerson is a treasure! 

Madame Williams 12. Madame Williams: Colette Tatou from "Ratatouille"

These two Francophones are natural leaders, encouraging the people they meet to learn new things. Madame Williams considers herself a life-long learner, consistently doing research to keep tabs on French culture and news. Furthermore, her opinion and guidance is highly valued among students and staff alike. Like Collete, Madame Williams is a strong leader! 

This article originally appeared in the Governor's School's student newspaper, "The Govie Gazette," Issue 1, published November 18, 2022.