Prepare for a 21st Century dance career.

Both formal and forward-thinking, the Dance Department offers pre-professional training programs for both Classical Ballet and Modern & Contemporary Dance that is reflective of the 21st Century. Through sound training and a diverse curriculum, our progressive and systematic approach increases the dancers' technical, artistic, and intellectual scope.

Led by nationally recognized instructors, the Residential High School Dance programs serve 10-12th grade. Students choose either the Ballet or the Modern program. They learn the foundational skills of both dance forms during their sophomore year, and then concentrate on their chosen track during their junior and senior years. Both options offer students a systematic and diverse curriculum that is physically demanding and rewarding. Our Dance programs are designed to educate and prepare students for entry into the post-secondary and professional dance world.

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Our mission is to nurture and maintain programs that are inclusive and reflective of a diverse and fluid global dance community with the goal of developing and educating successful, versatile, professional dancers.

Dance Training Concepts

The ballet program is based on long-established concepts and ideas taken from the Vaganova, Cecchetti, R.A.D., and Cuban school.

The Modern/Contemporary program exposes students to theoretical concepts that touch on principles based on the Graham, Horton, Limon, and Cunningham techniques. 

Dance Forms

Classical ballet and modern dance training is complemented with a diverse range of concert dance and dance-related forms such as Variation, Partnering and Pas De Deux, Historical Dance, Character, Methodology, Movement Improvisation, Movement Composition, African-based styles, Jazz, Pilates and Anatomy, Dance History, and Music for Dancers.

Health & Wellness

Support to care for and nurture the developing dancer is provided with the department's priority on Health and Wellness.

As part of our holistic approach to dance training, our Positivity Program helps dancers maintain their physical and mental health for the optimal learning experience.

Additional classes in Anatomy, Pilates, Yoga, Alexander technique, Stretch and Strength, Cross-Training for dancers and Dance Injury prevention are offered to support and address each student's uniqueness.

Career Guidance

Professional career guidance begins with a mentoring program at the junior level, leading to audition preparation at the senior level, which includes a resume, portfolio, solo audition coaching and audition applications. 

Through the Governor's School's rigorous yet rewarding Dance program, students' gain knowledge of movement philosophies, vocabulary, styles, and dynamic range. They also build confidence and maturity as performing artists who are better prepared for careers in dance.

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Our graduates continue their dance education at the following trainee and university dance programs: