Sharing Your Story With Memory Boards

Memory BoardProject Description

Did you know that Visual Arts can be used to tell a story or document memories? In this activity, led by SCGSAH Visual Arts Instructor Elaine Quave, students will learn about the Lukasa memory board, a historical artifact from the Luba people of West Africa. Students will then learn to create their own memory board with provided materials to share their most important memories and stories.

Suitable for grades 3-8.

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Artistic Process

Create, Connect

What's included

-Lesson Plan
-Bonus resource guide
-Instructional Video
-Supplies to create memory boards

Guiding Question

How can visual arts be used to share a story or personal memories? How was this done in West Africa by the Luba people?

Standards Addressed

Visual Arts Standards:
VA.CR NL.1.1 I can use some elements of art to communicate a story about a familiar place or object. 

VA.CR NL.1.2I can select some elements of art to construct 2D or 3D artwork. 

VA.CR NL.2 I can share and use art materials and tools in a safe and responsible manner. 

VA.P NL.3 I can share and talk about my artwork 

VA.C NL.6.1 I can recognize that all cultures create art and explore elements specific to that culture/form.

Social Studies Standards:
3.4.1.PR Investigate the cultural characteristics of places and regions around the world. 

This resource also aligns with the following from the Profile of the SC Graduate:

World Class Skills: Creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving
Life and Career Characteristics: Self-direction, Global Perspective
Competency Statements:
Learn Independently, Express Ideas

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