SC-AA Monthly Offerings

The Governor’s School recognizes the valuable role that afterschool agencies play in the overall safety, wellbeing, and educational growth of students statewide. In order to connect with this community, SCGSAH is pleased to partner with the SC Afterschool Alliance to share resources and ensure that the arts are an integral part of this important student experience.  

Click on each resource below to learn more. New resources launch monthly.

SEPTEMBER - Flipbooks!  (Visual Arts)

Animation doesn't have to be done with fancy computers and expensive software. In fact, most of it happens using simple everyday objects! This activity will teach students some quick animation basics and includes all the materials needed to create their own flipbooks! Learn more.

Available now! 

OCTOBER - Making Friends - Literally! (Drama and Literacy)

After reading your favorite book together as a group, join Anne Tromsness, SCGSAH Drama Faculty, and learn how create a hand puppet version of a favorite character. Then, work in groups to create a short scene from the book, or a new scene based on the story. Learn more.

Available now!

NOVEMBER - We've Got the Beats! (Music and Technology)

In this technology based activity, designed by Music Teaching Artist Jeff Robinson, students will learn how to compose music using free software available across devices. No prior musical knowledge is required to walk your students through this easy process of beat-making using pre-recorded loops! Learn more.

Available now!

JANUARY - Arts Advocacy Postcards (Visual Arts and Social Studies)

Shine a light on the value of the arts in afterschool settings! Students will participate in Arts Advocacy Week by personalizing postcards and writing messages to their legislators. This pre-packaged activity includes resources to guide students and teachers on how to write an advocacy message and mail postcards to their representatives. Learn more.

Available on January 3rd, 2023.

FEBRUARY - African Dance: Tell Your Story! (Dance and World Cultures)

It's time to get moving! This resource provides an opportunity for students to explore, experience, and learn about traditional West African dance, and witness how movement is inspired by everyday activities. Learn more.

Available on February 1st, 2023

MARCH - Exploring Butterflies through Visual Arts! (Visual Arts and Science)

In this activity, designed by Elaine Quave, SCGSAH Visual Arts Faculty, and Daphne Cuadrado, Visual Arts Teaching Artist, students will engage in both science and creativity. First, students will learn about the majestic monarch butterfly. Then, they will design their own butterflies through an easy to follow art activity! Learn more.

Available on March 1st, 2023.

APRIL - Naming Your World (Creative Writing and Science)

In this exercise, designed by Governor's School Creative Writing Instructor Emily Cinquemani, students will start a poem by collecting imagery that appeals to the five senses in their own world. Next, students also research the names of local South Carolina plants and animals they observe and incorporate this information into their poems. Learn more.

Available on April 4th, 2023.