The Sound of Poetry

BandlabProject Description

Music can enhance other forms of art - whether it's a movie set to a musical soundtrack, musical effects used in theatre, or your favorite song playing while you create your own unique artwork. In this activity designed by Teaching Artist Jeff Robinson, students will learn how to use basic production software to record themselves reciting a poem, and then utilize pre-made loops to create original soundtracks to their poem.

This activity incorporates media arts into the English classroom, and is a great opportunity to provide your students with an alternative, creative way to learn poetry.

Suitable for grades 6 -12.

Artistic Process


What's included

-Lesson Plan
-Student Guide to creating loops (PDF)
-Lesson Slides

What's needed

FREE accounts on BandLab for Education

Guiding Question

How can we use music to enhance other art forms?

Standards Addressed

MA.CR NH.2 I can communicate meaning in my work by selecting and arranging elements and principles of media arts.

SC ELA Standard 4.2 4.2 Read grade-level prose and poetry orally with accuracy, appropriate rate, expression, intonation, and phrasing on successive readings

This resource also aligns with the following from the Profile of the SC Graduate:

World Class Skills: Creativity and Innovation, Communication, Media and technology
Life and Career Characteristics: Self-Direction, Interpersonal Skills

About the Creator

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